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[摇滚]深夜的精灵Holly Throsby

qdradio/Songs/2006-9/14694_200692720532870710.mp3images.musicclub.it/foto/ho/big/Holly_Throsby.tif.big.jpg来自澳大利亚悉尼的Holly Throsby,于2004年发行了她个人首张专辑.便收录其中.省去奢华的伴奏和矫情的歌词。吉他的拨动显得随和。无拘无束。Holly的声音隐含着质朴,距离一点一点地融化。从她的歌唱里似乎找到了久违的感动。整首曲子都是平和的,没有波澜。听了之后心里非常熨帖。抗拒着浮华和失望。此刻,贴得很近歌曲名称: we are good people but why don't we show it?专辑名称: On Night专辑图片:歌手: Holly Throsby国家: 澳大利亚语言: 英语歌词:Old lover, you miss me Over the ocean, I hope this finds you well Warm sun on my back The earth on its axis The violence when we met We’re good people but why don’t we show it? Dead birds on the stairwell Some ugly morning Fell from their nests No, don’t tell yr parents when we start sharing each other’s beds We’re good people but why don’t we show it?We’re good people but why don’t we show it? woo~ woo~ I want to raise dogs;dogs and money Stop threatening to leave town and I’ll stop running 下载:**** Hidden Message *****[ 本帖最后由 紫色天 于 2007-2-24 09:58 编辑 ]

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